The Top 20 Good Dissertation Topics About Media

The media plays a very significant role in our lives especially in the present generation. The influence brings changes not only in making choices or decisions in life but also to our character as a human being. The following topics will help you decide on what to write:

  • The influence of television as a marketing tool for promoting products and services to consumers.
  • The different types of advertisements or commercials and how their different approaches appeal to the taste of the viewing public.
  • Television as a medium of instruction for children with ADHD and those who need special care, attention, and education.
  • A study of whether or not television can be an effective medium for promoting political and social agenda.
  • Approval rating of television networks as an indicator in renewing its license to operate and broadcast nationwide.
  • A research is showing the readability of newspapers on the basis of placing on the last pages information that are not pleasing to the reading public.
  • A thesis is looking into the possibility of a student choosing a career in journalism if exposed to newscast and telecast during his mimicking and imitating periods of growth and development.
  • A witness protection program to cater to all media personnel who has personal knowledge when and while a crime is taking place.
  • A study whether or not violence against crime and corruption will solve the status quo of a developing country.
  • The effectivity and efficiency of newspapers and tabloids if the government subsidizes the amount of their day to day operations.
  • The newspaper as an avenue to print resolutions of disputes, correction of legal documents and agreement of aggrieved parties.
  • The influence of human behavior of programs showing visual and verbal violence especially to children and teenagers.
  • The advantages, disadvantages and the different types of acceptance of children and teenagers on the different levels of parental guidance with respect to Theme, language, violence, sex and drugs.
  • A study is recommending the revocation of license to print and broadcast media on the basis of using foul, obscene, vulgar and other indecent languages by newscasters, field reporters, and correspondents.
  • A research is recommending the coordination and collaboration of local and foreign media on printing or broadcasting very sensitive global issues to minimize if not to stop miscommunication, errata and the like.
  • The role of radio broadcasting in creating vigilance and awareness of the public to crime and corruption in government.

The following topics may or may not contribute to nation building. It is now up to the citizens to express their grievances through any form of media. As one famous radio program say: “A vigilant nation can preserve freedom and democracy, but irresponsible journalism could turn it all down.”


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