Dissertation Topics In Economic History: 20 Problems Worth Writing On

Do you need to finish an economic history paper dissertation, but have no clue what type of topic to select? Then you have to figure out the best topic for you, and by doing so your ability to get the project right will be greatly increased. With that thought in mind, here are 20 economic history topics that you can get started with right away:

  1. What have been the top economic history stories of the last 100 years?
  2. What can we learn about economic history so that our economic future is better?
  3. What have been the most popular individuals over the last 100 years related to economic history?
  4. Describe the economic history of USA
  5. Describe the economic history of China
  6. Describe the economic history of Europe
  7. Compare the economic history of the UK and Germany
  8. How can we learn from the economic crisis of the last century so that they do not occur again in the future?
  9. What was the economy of the ancient Greeks like?
  10. What similarities are there between the economies of the ancient Greeks, and now?
  11. Describe the fall of an empire due to their bad economy?
  12. What are the main things that economics students need to learn about the history?
  13. What things have been done to improve the economy of a country in the past?
  14. Describe the economy of Japan after the Second World War
  15. What economic benefits were displayed after a nation decided to go to war
  16. Give examples of how a war can cripple a country
  17. Give examples of how alliances between country have proved to be great for their economy
  18. Give examples of how the economy of a great greatly improved after a new leader was chosen
  19. What type of political governments in the history of the USA have displayed the best economic advantages?
  20. What have been the biggest economic disasters in history?

These are just some of the titles that can be selected if you want to get a top grade on your economic history dissertation.


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