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We heart veggies!

Some clarification on our veggie shares:

spring share (photo by Jonathan A!)

We offer three weekly share sizes for the summer season – a $20, $30 or $40 box (aka mini, small, and large!) – one for every kind of eater!  For the season (22 weeks of pickups), this comes out to $440, $660 or $880 total.  We say the mini share feeds one or two eaters, the small 1-3, and the large 2-4 – though of course this fluctuates based on your eating habits (i.e. how often you actually eat at home, and what you cook!), whether you’re feeding adults or children, what you choose to make up your weekly box, and more – and if you choose a share that’s too big or too small for you no worries – we’ll  let you switch!

Summer Share (photo by Jonathan A)

All 3 boxes include a $20 core share – this is the part where we tell you what to take, and it’s generally made up of 7-10 in-season fruits and veggies, harvested that morning from one of our growers here in the Kawarthas.  This year we’ve added a gas fee of $1/week to help with rising transportation costs – so there’s an additional $22 on each of the above prices.  New members also pay a $25 setup fee, which is one time only – returning members never pay this again!

Box contents are seasonal,  made up of whatever’s ready to harvest in a given week.  So spring = things like greens, peas, strawberries, rhubarb, garlic scapes, etc., summer = zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, raspberries etc., fall = squashes, potatoes, garlic, kale, peppers, etc.

Fall Share (photo by Jonathan A)

The mini share ($20 box) is core only, but the small and large shares ($30 and $40 boxes) include weekly choice credits – so you get your core list, then you customize the rest of your share, using your credits to take more veg, meats, eggs, preserves – whatever you would eat!  We feel that this choice portion makes for less waste, as you build your box based on what you would eat, while the core allows us to move what needs to be harvested and makes it so you have to try some things you might not pick out on your own.  We’ve had great feedback on this system from both members and growers, and feel it’s the most beneficial for everyone involved!  We set it all up market style so you’re choosing all your own produce, core and extras – so make sure you bring your bags!

Evelyn's Crackers (photo by Ed Rek)

And if you haven’t already noticed, this year we’re also teaming up with some other small producers to offer meat and egg shares, cracker and cookie shares, bread shares, mushroom shares and granola shares!

You can sign up directly for any/all here – returning members email us for your discount code!


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Can I get a bread share?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yeeeeeessssssssssss.

Jeff Connell – Toronto’s #1 baker of all things sourdough – has agreed to be a part of our 2012 CSA CSA CSA – offering delicious sourdough bread shares to go with all your other edible necessities!

Jeff bakes his deliciously natural sourdough bread in his wood-fired oven using organic, local, stone-ground grains – like heritage Red Fife wheat, spelt and buckwheat from Prince Edward County, and hard white wheat from Manitoba (because there are no Ontario growers).  You can see his beautiful wood oven  at Woodlot Restaurant and Bakery on Palmerston – and if you peek through the windows in the wee hours of the night you’ll see Jeff himself baking incredible sourdough loaves of all flavours, shapes and sizes, for folks like us to enjoy in the bright hours of the day…

Check it out:

Jeff will be offering 2 kinds of bread shares in the CSA CSA, each with a one or two loaf option. All shares will include the freshest, most delicious wood-fired sourdough available in the city…guaranteed.

1. Baker’s Choice

- with this option you’ ll get whatever Jeff feels like baking that day – could be a baguette, a crusty Red Fife loaf, a dark rye…or something new and delicious that you’ll get to try before the rest of the world!  Trust us, whatever Jeff makes is unbelievably delicious…the man can bake! Good choice for the adventurous, the trusting, or the indecisive.

Single (one loaf/week for 22 weeks) = $95
Double (two loaves/week for 22 weeks) = $180

2. Eater’s Choice

- option 2 allows you to choose what you want to eat next – each week you’ll choose from a list provided what your next week’s bread share will look like…a good option for the picky peters out there! :)

Single (one loaf/week for 22 weeks) = $115
Double (two loaves/week for 22 weeks) = $210

You can sign up for now by clicking on the bread option in the signup sheet – let us know your preference, and we’ll be in touch!

You can read more about Jeff and his fabulous bread here – a great post!

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we’re going crackers. and cookies. and totally granola.

Evelyn’s Crackers that is.  Yep, that Evelyn’s Crackers: the makers of the best handmade, local, heritage grain crackers, cookies and granola in Toronto…And they’ve joined the CSA CSA!

Evelyn’s Crackers will be offering 4 different CSA-style shares in 2012:

  1. Cracker Share – a rotating cast of crackers, one bag per week
  2. Cookie Share – because who doesn’t want cookies every week?  Taste them all – one bag per week.
  3. Granola Share – locally sourced ingredients, sweetened with maple.  I know, right?  One bag per week for all your breakfast and snack-time needs!
  4. Evelyn’s Mixer – a different Evelyn’s Crackers product each week.  A great way to try everything on the EC menu!

Each share will be $130 (less than $6/week!), which will get you a bag of something delicious each week for 22 weeks, and save you $24 off the retail price… equal to almost 4 free bags!


Having an Evelyn’s Crackers share means:

  • you’ll be supporting yet another small scale, local producer/family run business in Toronto
  • you’ll be supporting another network of small-scale growers of local, sustainable, heritage grains
  • you’ll be strengthening your local food community
  • you’ll be putting your vote towards a truly local and sustainable food system
  • and so much more…

You can sign up for an Evelyn’s Cracker share by clicking the Cracker box on the signup page – you’ll be contacted shortly thereafter by Ed or Dawn* to confirm details! (*the Evelyn’s Crackers super duo – Evelyn’s their 6 year old daughter!)


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the sharing of eggs.

Back by popular demand…Kawartha egg shares!  Eggs like eggs should be: laid by chickens (and ducks) who actually do run around outside in the sun eating whatever they can get their little beaks on (insects, worms, seeds, greens, the occasional rodent…)  Supplemented with GMO free Ontario grains (some from within the community, some from southern Ontario), kitchen and garden scraps, and a little bit of flax seed to help ease their laying – which also has the beneficial side effect of bigger eggs and increased Omegas for you!

Egg shares are limited and will be allotted on a first come basis to 2012 veggie share members only.

The Egg options for 2012:

1/2 dozen chicken/week = $70
1 dozen chicken/week = $120
2 dozen chicken/week = $225
1/2 dozen duck/week = $80
1 dozen duck/week = $150

Why egg share?

  • support small, ethically sound egg producers
  • make a statement about how you want your eggs produced – truly pastured, happy chickens vs. industrial style egg production
  • happy chickens = brighter yolks, better flavour, more nutrition
  • these eggs free of everything! drug free, hormone free, GMO free, chemical free, and FREE RANGE.
  • strengthen your food community.
  • save $!

To sign up for an egg share, click the egg box on the signup sheet and make a note in the note box clarifying which one you want…and we’ll be in touch!

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meat! shares.

We’re excited to be partnering with Field Sparrow Farms again this season, and offering Kawartha Meat Shares at both of our pickup locations!  Meat will come frozen once/month, and you can choose a 10lb or a 20lb share…both shares include hormone-free, drug-free, GMO free, ethically-raised, pastured meats, grown on small-scale sustainable farms here in the Kawarthas!  Available meats include heritage pork, grass-fed beef, pastured chickens, lambs and more!

To sign up for a meat share please visit http://www.fieldsparrowfarms.ca/csainfo.html, email info@fieldsparrowfarms.ca, or click the meat box on the signup sheet and we’ll pass your info on!

Food = community.  Your support makes it stronger…. CSA CSA all the way!

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Kawartha CSA’s new CSA CSA!

Our dream to create a community CSA pickup with all our locally producing friends is about to come into fruition!  We hinted at it in our community survey this past winter (results will be posted soon!) and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive….so we’re going for it!

The idea of the new CSA CSA CSA is to allow you as the eater to get everything you need in one stop, while supporting other local, small-scale producers from in and around the city; it’s tough going being a little guy in this big world of global commodity markets, and we’re convinced the local CSA model is the perfect solution to help sustain all kinds of small businesses – including food producers, because we all need to eat, and we all want to know what we’re eating!

So far for 2012 we’re looking at mushroom shares, cracker/cookie/granola shares and bread shares, all in addition to the meat shares, egg shares and classic veg shares of old – and we’re still working on some other edible necessities to add to the bunch!  All the extra shares will be available to members of Kawartha CSA at both pickup locations, and we’ll be unveiling the details of each one throughout the week…so stay tuned!

I know; 2012 just gets better and better, doesn’t it?!

ps. Need a hint? How about the best crackers in the city, best sourdough in the city, best wild foraged mushrooms in the city, and the best ethically raised meats and farm fresh free range eggs the Kawarthas have to offer!  Can it get better than that?  We think so…


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