Picking Up Interesting Sports Nutrition Dissertation Ideas

Sports science is an exponentially expanding field that has become very competitive. A look at any major sporting team will reveal an army of backroom staff, a number of whom are sports scientists. The different areas in which a sports scientist can help a sports team, or an individual athlete for that matter, include sports administration, therapy, sports psychology, fitness training, sports nutrition and coaching. Of these areas, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to the role of nutrition in the performance of athletes. There is a growing body of research indicating that adjustments in the nutrition of athletes can prepare them better for the rigours of sport.

For a sports nutrition student, in order to advance a career in sports science, research on an outstanding topic in a chosen niche will help tremendously. Here is a list of interesting sports nutrition dissertation ideas.

  1. The use of dietary supplements in sports: A study of pre-game supplement use and its effect on in-game performance.
  2. The use of dietary supplements in sports: An exploration of the stated positions of various international and domestic sporting associations.
  3. Caffeine for Athletes: An investigation of the effects of caffeine intake on athletic performance.
  4. The use of vitamins supplements by athletes: A study of the effects of vitamin supplementation on endurance athlete performance.
  5. Nutrition for cricketers: A study of how nutrition science can boost performance in a skill-based sport.
  6. Nutrition for the Vegetarian athlete: A study of the comparative benefits of various nutrition plans for vegetarian athletes.
  7. Vitamin D and bone strength: A study of Vitamin D supplementation on the performance of endurance athletes.
  8. Proteins in sports: A study of the effects of Protein Supplementation on endurance sports and strength training.
  9. Vitamin requirement in Sports: A comparative study of the levels of vitamin supplementation required by male and female athletes.
  10. Is iron a major concern for sportsmen and women? An exploration of the use of iron supplements in sport.
  11. Exercise and diet: An exploration of the relationship between levels and types of diet and various forms of exercise.
  12. Nutritional strategy: The development of a performance related nutritional strategy for high performance for an ageing swimmer.
  13. Glucose for athletes: A study of the metabolism of a swimmer following pre-competition ingestion of glucose.
  14. Carbohydrates and their effects on endurance in athletes.

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