How To Find A Well-Written Sample Of A Dissertation

A dissertation is the most important paper that you will ever write during your academic career. It goes without saying that it is beyond essential that it is perfect in every way possible. What can you do to ensure that you are handing in work to the highest level of your ability? Get copies of some dissertations that have been well-written and spend some time studying them. Not sure where to find a copy of a dissertation that is superior in every way? No problem! I have the answers to that question listed for you below:

  • The library at your university: Library archives are a super place to find almost anything you can think of. They keep copies of dissertations that have been done by previous students, especially the ones which were considered to be superior. Find a sample or two of something written in the general area of your topic and read through it carefully. Pay special attention to how it was written and see if you can discover what made it so well-written. Adapt the writing into your own paper.
  • Your professor and committee members: Everyone is proud of their dissertation and teachers are no exception. Your professor will be more than happy to let you look at the dissertation they wrote while they were in school. They also usually keep dissertations done by students that they consider to be among the best of the best. By looking at these papers you will get a sense of what your professor considers to be good work. Note the tone of voice that the writer used, how the paper was presented, and the format that they used. Ask your committee members to see examples of what they consider to be excellent papers as well.
  • Professional journals: Professional journals publish dissertations all the time. Look for a journal in your field of study and spend some time reading through their published works. You will pretty much be able to guarantee that it is well-written since a committee voted to publish it and editors will have taken a run at it as well.
  • Famous students in your field: If there is someone who works in your chosen field that you really admire, do a search on the internet for their dissertation. Since they have been so successful, you know that you are going to be reading a paper that is one of the best ever written on that topic.

Polishing Skills

Another important element of being efficient with your work is making sure content is polished. When your final draft is completed review it for mistakes. Instead of skipping this step, you can invest in a professional with quality skills to do this for you.

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