Where to Get an Effective Sample Dissertation PowerPoint Presentation

Why you need a PowerPoint presentation

Are you wondering why you need a power point presentation to represent your dissertation? Do you think it is hard for you to compose a PPT presentation because you also need to present it to the committee members in your university?

Always focus on your target audience; your committee members are going to be one.

You must have all these questions and many others in your mind regarding the power point representation of your research work. However, it is not that hard to compose one. Keeping these questions in mind would be helpful in giving your paper a direction. They will also be helpful in giving you motivation.

Steps of PowerPoint presentation

All you need to do is

  • Create a first slide for introduction, which should be catchy and must be able to hook your audience.
  • A good way of engaging your audience is to give some insight by explaining your inspiration for this project.
  • Clearly show the thesis statement of your project to give your audience a fair idea of what is your research about.
  • You should show the research methodology you adopted for gaining the required data.
  • Include the important graphs and illustrations to represent your data findings easily.
  • Make sure you precisely summarize your research in the conclusion section of your presentation.
  • The most important thing for a PPT or PowerPoint presentation is your preparation, confidence, and style. This should complement your entire presentation and the hard work you did to get the project together.

Read samples

If you are not sure how a PowerPoint presentation for a dissertation looks like then you should search for good samples. You can then follow these samples to create your own presentation. It is a good idea to pick the one that is close to your topic so that you can copy it without much trouble.

Below are top sources where you can get effective samples for PPT PowerPoint presentations of a dissertation.

  • Google
  • Google is the master of all information providing sources. If you need help, internet is always there.

  • University official site
  • Universities also have their official websites. The positive feature of the university websites is they are very reliable. They provide authentic information.

  • Your seniors
  • Seniors are your helping hand. Consult them for guidance.

  • Online discussion forums and communities
  • You could get a membership on online community, this way you will find help from there too.

    Ask your professor assistant to help you

Above are the sources you could get samples from,


Polishing Skills

Another important element of being efficient with your work is making sure content is polished. When your final draft is completed review it for mistakes. Instead of skipping this step, you can invest in a professional with quality skills to do this for you.

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