27 Awesome Political Science Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

Political science topics can be fascinating even to people not versed in the field because so much of the subject affects everyone’s daily life. When you work on your dissertation, you can consider any of the following topics:

  1. Has the concept of monarchy become outdated?
  2. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?
  3. Are age limits for political leadership positions unfairly discriminatory?
  4. What legacy has the Greek system of governance bequeathed to the modern world?
  5. Are leaders of communist states more or less predisposed to corruption than capitalist ones?
  6. How successful has the separation of church and state been?
  7. Can a society thrive without centralised governance?
  8. Under what conditions should citizens of a country be allowed to oust a leader from political power without an election?
  9. Is there a case for the anonymous funding of political campaigns?
  10. To what extent has anti-corruption legislation curbed the instance of misuse of political office?
  11. How can the armed forced operate independently from political interests?
  12. Should small island developing states seek external help in the maintenance of law and order in relation to ‘white collar crime’?
  13. To what extent is democracy truly democratic?
  14. What can citizens of a police state do to regain the democratic rights that have been taken from them?
  15. Could Canadian style Immigration reform solve the decay of the American city of Detroit?
  16. Is there a moral obligation to enact sweeping trade sanctions on China for human rights abuses?
  17. Has the policy focus on academic education for tertiary level students led to a paucity of skilled trades people?
  18. Could democracy be further improved by a leaderless system?
  19. Should dissatisfied citizens of nations worldwide create a new nation on an artificial landmass?
  20. To what extent is racial profiling systemic and in need of ameliorating policy change?
  21. Can the intervention of international trading bodies create legislature that puts an end to environmental degradation?
  22. How successful would a proletariat revolution in modern time be at solving the problems of resource distribution?
  23. To what extent is terrorism a natural by-product of the capitalist system?
  24. Is agriculture more successful when managed by the state or private entities?
  25. Could policy change eliminate decimation against people with dwarfism?
  26. Should particularly offensive politicians be barred from seeking office ever again in life?
  27. Does the existence of several small self-governing neighbourhoods within a country add or take away from the efficacy of the centralised government?

These topics and any variants can create thought provoking papers.


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