The History of Music: 10 Great Dissertation Ideas to Help You Get Started

History of music is one of the subjects on which a number of students are required to produce unique dissertations. Since this is a common subject, finding a unique topic for dissertation may be a difficult process. Following are 10 great dissertation ideas that will help you get started on your dissertation on history of music.

  1. Evolution of Music in the Past Two Centuries
  2. You may focus your research on the major changes that have been observed in music around the globe over the past two centuries. This will provide a chronological structure to your research.

  3. Traditions and Evolution of Church Music Over the Past Century
  4. Church music has always been a great influence on the prevailing music. This will topic will help you acquire a deep insight into the evolution of church music.

  5. Major Influences on Modern Music
  6. Modern music has evolved very rapidly with creation of new genres in the recent past. You can study the factors that have influenced modern music.

  7. Factors that Influenced the Creation of Modern Genres
  8. This topic is more focused upon the creation of modern genres and the factors that influence their creation. This dissertation will be informative and it will help you gain an insight on the currently prevailing genres.

  9. Diversity in Music and Factors that Cause Diversity
  10. Music all around the globe is very different. Each region has a different sound and music is the representative of the prevailing culture. You can study the factors that cause such change.

  11. History of Middle Eastern Music and Its Major Influences
  12. Middle Eastern music has always been a source of fascination for the those in Western cultures. You may research on the history of Middle Eastern sound.

  13. History of Music Teaching and the Evolution in the Process of Teaching
  14. Music teaching has been going on for centuries but the way it is carried out has evolved with time. You can trace that evolution and document it in your research.

  15. How Does the Regional Culture Influence Regional Music: Historical Review
  16. Regional culture influences the music, but how exactly this process takes place can be an interesting topic for your report.

  17. Evolution of Musical Instruments
  18. Music instruments have been a product of pure innovation and they have evolved over several centuries. You can trace back their development.

  19. Factors to Ensure Retention of Classical Music Genres in Wake of Modern Genres
  20. With the advent of modern genres, the classical music is losing its grip over listeners. You can talk about ways in which classical music can be retained within the modern culture.


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