Fifteen Powerful Topics For A Master's Thesis In Development Economics  

Development economics is a broad and interesting subject studying various aspects of economic development in low-income countries and looking for possible methods of improving their economies. Lots of powerful topics may be created in this course. Here is a list of great topics that may inspire you to create a strong master’s thesis on the subject of development economics:

  1. Government performance versus corruption.
  2. How does corruption in political circles of developing countries affect their economic growth? What policies should be implemented to improve such situations?

  3. Role of capital inflows in economic development of the country.
  4. In your master’s thesis, analyze which types of capital inflows affect economics positively, and which ones lead to volatility and instability of the market.

  5. Collaboration of state and private economic sectors in growth of the country.
  6. What are the target areas of private and state sectors? How can their efforts be united in order to enhance development and growth?

  7. Infrastructure and inputs to create growth.
  8. What infrastructure (e.g. roads, water and electrical supply) should be developed and what inputs are needed to help a particular developing country grow its economy?

  9. Foreign aid to low-income countries: assessment at micro- and macro-levels.
  10. Explore why efficacy of foreign aid at micro-level is always much higher in comparison with macro-level.

  11. Correlation of infrastructure spending and foreign investments: analysis of their common role in the economic development.
  12. Correlation of governance infrastructure and international trade: analyzing their practical roles.
  13. Role of educational achievements in attracting direct investments from abroad.
  14. Take real examples of developing countries and analyze them in your master’s thesis.

  15. Civil wars and their impact on the economy level of a particular country.
  16. Which areas suffer the most? What can be done about it?

  17. Education for sustainability.
  18. Research how education can help a low-income country overcome the crisis.

  19. Cartels and policies of black markets: analysis of their effects on capital investments and economic growth in general.
  20. Correlation of foreign investments and export policies.
  21. Try to find the most successful model of their interaction.

  22. Divergent wealth levels of different representatives of society within a country: looking for causes.
  23. Critical infrastructure requirements in developing countries.
  24. In your master’s thesis, analyze what infrastructure developments are sufficient to maintain a sustainability level. Compare critical infrastructures of several countries.

  25. Volatility of exchange rates in low-income countries: causes and effects.
  26. Analyze the domestic exchange market of a certain country. Make your suggestions on why it is so unstable and what economic fields suffer the most.


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