20 Original Zoo Animal Dissertation Ideas For College

When you are thinking of what to write for your dissertation, it is extremely hard to pick one topic that you want to discuss everything about. This is especially true when they have to be generated by a new idea and not one that has been chosen already. Here is where this article will make all of the difference by supplying you with the main point that your paper has to either support or refute. The following are original thoughts about zoo animals:

  1. If a tiger and a lion are in the same enclosure based on previous behavioral patterns would they adapt or eliminate each other under those circumstances?
  2. Why do penguins need to be in cooler temperatures than other birds that fly to other places for warmth?
  3. How flamingos are considered birds but cannot fly?
  4. What does the behavior of a polar bear have to do with the mood that it is in?
  5. Why do snakes require heat to function completely?
  6. Why do monkeys act out everything that they see another animal or human do?
  7. In butterflies what distinguishes a male from a female butterfly?
  8. Why do monkeys fancy bananas so much over other fruit and how did it begin?
  9. Can a butterfly be angry and show it in its behavior?
  10. Why are lions so aggressive even after they have been in isolation before introduced to the other zoo animals?
  11. Why giraffe’s necks so long?
  12. How was the adaptation process on the giraffes said to come about?
  13. Why are snakes so long and thin?
  14. When the gorilla is losing its hair what can be the issue?
  15. Why are elephants so big?
  16. When going through the isolation phase at the zoo what types of mood swings do the flamingos go through?
  17. Why are elephants ears shaped the way that they are?
  18. What would happen to a tiger if one of its limbs were missing?
  19. If a penguin lost one of its legs would it still be able to swim for food?
  20. If a fish is separated from its school what could be some of the reasons why?

These questions above are great starter topic questions for the dissertation paper. They are open ended, and they do not require a simple yes or any answer. In this process, you have to write about something that interests you and makes you want to learn more about it because just like it caught your attention it will also catch the attention of its readers.


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