The Top 10 Catchy Ideas For Your Dissertation On Education

Choosing a catchy topic seems like the most difficult task for students. They might think of something new and inspiring for them but when they search, they find many other papers on the similar idea. Another reason is the restriction and requirements by the teacher, which makes it even tougher to come up with a winning topic for your dissertation. Sometimes even when you have a great topic and your teacher likes it too, it gets impossible to find relevant and authenticated research material to prove your point.

If you are looking for catchy dissertation topics in education then you will find this article helpful. Below are ten interesting topics you can use for a paper in education

Dissertation topics for a catchy paper in education

  1. The relationship between eating healthy and performing well at academics, is there a possible connection?
  2. The role of qualification level of the parents in shaping the academic career for their child
  3. Does the environment have any effect on the learning process for students? Is it same to study in a busy household or to learn with your peers and friends in a calm environment
  4. What is the effect of co-education on students? Do they tend to perform better and feel more competitive in the presence of the opposite gender?
  5. How should quizzes and positive competitions be designed to improve the productivity and motivation level of the students
  6. Is homeschooling better than schooling in an educational institute or worse
  7. What are the major hindrances to creativity and academic success of the students in eastern countries?
  8. Would it be better if the teachers at elementary school were paid higher than they currently are
  9. What is the role of information technology in changing syllabus and core subjects for the students in 2015
  10. Should students have a liberty to choose their subjects since elementary school or should all students study same subjects till high school

These are merely sample topics that you can consider reading if you want to write a dissertation paper in education. Remember that these topics are not unique any longer because they are accessible to a million of students and teachers. Anyone can copy these and use any of the topics to create their dissertation paper. You can alter, edit, reverse or change them as you wish and to suit your subject.

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