Twenty Interesting Dissertation Topics In Education Technology

If you are tasked with writing a dissertation on education technology, you have many new technologies from which to choose. You can craft a paper that addresses the use of radio, the use of television, the use of motion pictures, images, audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, overhead projectors, etc… There is really no limit to the education technology you can cover. The limit is really your imagination and what interests you personally. The more interested you are in the topic the easier it will be to write and research. If you still need help selecting a potential topic, review the twenty topics below:

  1. Write about the development of audio and visual instruction within the school system for a particular city
  2. review how audiovisual instructional manuals are used for elementary schools and for coordinators within schools
  3. Discuss how are you visual departments are used for information services
  4. explain how motion pictures can be used to guide teachers who are trying to work at a high school level
  5. Explain the key symbols that were used in propaganda for the Soviet Union compared to propaganda for the United States during the Cold War
  6. Analyze the effectiveness of teaching dance and other arts programs two children through video
  7. Compare educational motion pictures to sponsored motion pictures
  8. explain the effectiveness of functional music within the instructional television
  9. Create a plan that six to improve A/V education for state teachers
  10. Review how television is used to continue medical education for physicians and nursing staff
  11. Explain how television can be used in higher education
  12. review the policies and practices that current religious bodies have related to broadcasting information
  13. Review the development of public interest with regard to radio broadcasting
  14. analyze how nonprofit programs can be implemented into public school systems , such as creative arts programs designed for children, through the use of technology
  15. Explain Sound slides can be used to teach physical education in elementary school
  16. review the history of audiovisual instruction
  17. explain how Negroes were portrayed in American movies during the 60s
  18. Review how color photography transparencies can be used to teach children in elementary school
  19. Explain how modern media can be used to teach family and personal survival curriculum in the classroom
  20. explain how effective programmed instruction is for mentally retarded adolescents

Polishing Skills

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