Fresh Dissertation Topics On Yoga: 25 Good Examples

There are many people around the world who have benefitted from the Indian practice of yoga. There are many others who are practicing it now. The way we have been doing away with yoga in modern times is deplorable.

But if you are writing a dissertation on the subject, here are some great topics for you.

25 great topics on yoga

  1. The birth of yoga: what do you about the Indic origin of yoga
  2. Is yoga merely exercise in a different form or is there is a meditative realm of it too?
  3. The postures in yoga and their connection with the nervous system and different nerve conglomerations in the body
  4. The importance of breathing in yoga: the basic techniques
  5. A list of yogic postures that have proven benefits for all
  6. Yoga for children: Enlist some distinct advantages that practicing yoga can have on children
  7. How sure are you about the development of yoga as a science
  8. What could have been the driving factor behind the origin of yoga by Indian sages?
  9. How can Yoga be a competition for modern age modes of fitness
  10. Why do some religions not practice yoga?
  11. How can you describe the role of yoga in elevating the capacity for learning?
  12. Can old people do yoga? List postures that can be helpful
  13. Black magic and yogic tantra: how have conmen abused the practice of yoga?
  14. Yoga and meditation: what is the basic difference between the two?
  15. Yoga means addition: which addition were the Indian sages speaking of?
  16. How do you identify yourself with some of the posture in yoga?
  17. Is an elementary knowledge of Sanskrit important for learning Yoga?
  18. Is yoga an integral part of Hinduism and Indian culture?
  19. Are we moving to a place where yoga will gradually replace other endurance training modules?
  20. What do you know about the virtue of meditation while doing yoga?
  21. Write a note about the necessity of including yoga in school curriculums
  22. Why do children find yoga funny to begin with
  23. Why are most qualified teachers of yoga of Indian origin?
  24. Does India use Yoga and culture as part of its soft diplomacy?
  25. How have we managed to instill the virtues of yogic science in one and all?

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