A List Of Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics On The Queer Theory

As a field in post-structuralist critical theory, queer theory emerged in the 1990’s. It looks into both the queer readings and the theories behind it. When it comes to writing your dissertation on the subject, it can be a little challenging. Mostly because the theory is not that old, so there may be a lack of information on it. There are several different authors that can help you develop a topic to write your paper on and this list will also help you come up with a great topic to write your paper on.

Possible authors to check out

  • Lauren Berlant
  • Judith Butler
  • Leo Bersani
  • Jack Halberstam
  • David Halperin
  • Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
  • Lee Edelmen
  • Jose Esteban Munoz

The queer theory builds on the feminist challenge of the idea of gender as being a part of the essential self and on gay and lesbian studies into the social nature of identity and sexual tendencies. Here are some great dissertation ideas that are sure to help you develop a dissertation topic. Remember that your paper has to be unique and original, so these are broader ideas that you can apply to various sections in culture or to different areas or age groups to make the study a completely new one.

  1. Differences in sex, gender, and desires: looking at different cultures
  2. How schools should prepare for realization that not everyone is heterosexual and the fact that there is nothing wrong with it
  3. Segregated bathrooms, gender assigned locker rooms: has these identities become obsolete
  4. Gender orientation: should gender be defined by anatomy
  5. Nature vs. nurture: is there any association with a person’s raising that will affect their life choices
  6. Gender specification: should it be obsolete even on a biological level
  7. HIV and AIDS in relation to the development of the Queer theory
  8. Heteronormativity and its effect on our youth
  9. Media’s role in the movement
  10. Social media and the digital age: expression for the queer person

You can use these ideas and take it one step further by adding in a focal group that you would like to study. It is the best way to make sure that you are really getting a unique topic that has not been studied before to write your dissertation paper on.


Polishing Skills

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