20 Brilliant Architectural Dissertation Ideas That Can Help You Out

There are so many different directions in which you can take a dissertation in architecture that choosing just one is difficult! Every student also has their own preferences when it comes to the varying styles that architecture encompasses, and the materials that they prefer to work with. To give you a little bit of a start on the search for a topic, here are 20 brilliant ideas for architectural dissertations:

  1. Architectural guardian of the nation? The Church of England's role in maintaining architecture.
  2. The placing of 'utilities' - a comparison between Lloyd's of London and the Basil Spence university buildings.
  3. Constructing the green campus - different approaches to creating and promoting environmentalism within the education sector.
  4. The wilful and wanton destruction of the rural landscape.
  5. Social housing architecture: The changing nature of locations, styles, and cost per unit building.
  6. Living architecture - including breathing walls and rooftop flora and fauna in new designs.
  7. Creating an aqua house: Designing homes that incorporate the integration of water and architecture, technically and aesthetically.
  8. Settlement development utilizing urban waterways.
  9. Tiny home living: Making it work with less than 500 square feet of living space.
  10. Dead cities: Using architecture to breathe new life into old cities.
  11. The feasibility of eco-resorts in China/ Australia/ the UK/ Haiti/ Saudi Arabia etc.
  12. Engaging sensibilities: Exploring the architectural techniques utilized in creating multi-sensory environments.
  13. Lighting simulation tools: Integrating scalable solutions to banish the darkness.
  14. Open-plan workplace design: The impact that workplace spatial settings has on collaboration effectiveness and space perception.
  15. Ventilation control in small and large buildings: A model-based approach.
  16. The development of green building design and maintenance for reducing the carbon footprint.
  17. Airport excellence: Designing the perfect terminal for increased functionality and faster take-off times.
  18. Architecture and animals: Designing the world's largest natural habitat preserve.
  19. Developing waterfront property: Making use of natural land features, indigenous flora, and maximum sun exposure.
  20. Environmental sustainability in commercial buildings: A case study of Saudi Arabia

The great thing about the topic ideas listed above is that they are so flexible. Each one can easily be split off into several other sub-topics. So if you find an idea listed above that appeals to you, it is very likely that it can be adapted to fit in with the vision you have for your dissertation.


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